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What do students say?

"What I like most about Audiology is that, here at U.C.T there's a lot of support for all the CSD students, including additional helpful tutorials." Sholo Vuyisani (1st year Audiology Student)

The thing I love most about speech-language pathology is the people: the people I study with and the people whose lives I get to touch. Not only do I get to learn the most fascinating things with an awesome bunch of classmates, but I get to change people's lives and have my life changed as a result. Nothing can be more rewarding than that." Tessa Duboisee De Ricquebourg (2nd year SLP Student)

What really assisted me in my growth here at U.C.T was the way in which the program is run. Throughout the year your progress is monitored with tests and presentations. This means that when you have your final exam you are confident that you know the course content. Another important learning mechanism used is the exposure we get to 'theory in practice'. When you are able to see scenarios and cases, it is easier to understand the theory that has been taught. If I had the ability to turn back time and choose a University and course again, I will definitely choose U.C.T's SLP course again - No doubt! No regrets!" Charne' Jansen(2nd Year SLP student)

"One of my most rewarding moments as an Audiology student, was in the clinic: After fitting a child with a hearing aid, the mommy called the child and the little one smiled for the first time in response to her mommy's voice...a stream of tears come rolling down the mommy's cheeks!" Kate Kgwefane (4th year Audiology Student)

"Speech-Language Pathology is a degree that provides you with an amazing opportunity to work with people of all ages with speech, language, communication as well as feeding and swallowing disorders. The programme is challenging and requires a lot of time and hard work but it also provides you with more than just a degree - it is a profession. If you, like myself, care for and have a passion for working with people, have an interest in speech and language and the way our brain works, and want to work together as part of a team of health care workers to help people living in South Africa have access to health care then Speech-Language Pathology may be the career for you." Kimberley Canning (4th year SLP student)