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Dr Carol Legg


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  • Qualifications

    B.A. (Speech and Hearing Therapy) M.A. (Speech Language Pathology) PhD (WITS University)

  • Discipline

    Speech and Language Pathology

  • Teaching area

    Adult Language Disorders

  • Teaching courses

    Acquired Neurogenic Language Disorders

  • Research

    My research and clinical focus is on aphasia and other acquired neurological language disorders in adults. I have particular interest in the experience of language loss in South Africa's unique sociocultural context and what this means for relevant assessment and practice. I hold a doctoral degree for my anthropological account of the current situation of adults living with communication disorders in an urban black township.

  • Awards & Honours

    Recognised medicolegal expert in adult language disorders

  • Affiliations/Associations

    Health Professions Council of South Africa