Christine Rogers


MSc. (Audiology)


Christine has a background of many years' experience in all aspects of clinical audiology in a government terti ary hospital. She has a special interest in vestibular and balance disorders which has grown into a passion for work in this field. She still consults for Groote Schuur Hospital at the Vestibular Assessment and Management clinic which she founded in the 1990s. In addition she consults and treats a wide variety of patients from across the world via the internet. Christine has lectured and taught at four of the major South African universities at both under- and post-graduate level and was recently invited to present at the University of Hong Kong. She is actively involved in professional societies as well as in projects for the World Health Organisation. Her current areas of interest are diagnosis and management of vestibular disorders; vestibular rehabilitation therapy, the psychological aspects of vestibular and balance disorders and functional disorders.

Teaching Areas

Anatomy, physiology and pathology; vestibular assessment and management; electrophysiology. Diagnostic assessment and management.

Research focus areas

Vestibular assessment and management with a particular emphasis on clinical evaluation and management. Geriatric balance disorders, falls and fall prevention. Vestibulo-toxicity.

Selected Publications

  1. Ibekwe, T., & Rogers, C. (in press, 2012) Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo: Clinicians' experience. Nigerian Medical Journal.

  2. Martin, W., Jelsma, J., & Rogers, C. (In press, 2012). Motor proficiency and dynamic visual acuity in children with bilateral sensori-neural hearing loss. International Journal of Pediatric Otolaryngology, 76, 1520 - 1525.

  3. Presbyastasis: Implications for healthcare practitioners. South African Family Practice (In press)

  4. Childhood vestibular disorders. South African Family Practice (In press)