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Christine Rogers

Senior LecturerChristine Rogers

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  • Qualifications


  • Discipline


  • Teaching area

    Vestibular assessment and management including rehabilitation
    Clinical teaching of vestibular assessment and management
    Anatomy, physiology and pathology

  • Teaching Courses

    Basis of Hearing and Balance; Vestibular Management

  • Research Project

    Currently completing Ph.D. dissertation in the use of active videogames to improve balance and reduce fall risk and occurrence in older adults.  Other research interests include practitioner-patient communication, empathy and resilience in audiologists, and vestibular practice.

  • Awards & Honours

    SABAX Interpersonal Skills Award.  UCT/Carnegie Award (2010).  World University Network Research Mobility Award (2013).  UCT Research Travel Grant (2013).  Harry Crossley Fellowship (2017).  NRF (2018).

  • Affiliations/Associations

    • South African Association of Audiologists
    • South African Medico-Legal Association
    • World Wide Hearing
    • Australian and New Zealand Falls Prevention Society.