Lucretia Petersen


B Speech Therapy and Audiology (US), MSc (Audiology) (UCT)


I am passionate about Audiology and its service delivery in South Af rica.

Teaching Areas

Diagnostic audiology (adult, paediatric, OAEs, electrophysiology), rehabilitation technology

Research focus areas

Audiological monitoring and service delivery relating to ototoxicity; Neonata l and infant hearing screening; Audiology education and curriculum

I am currently involved in the following areas

  1. School-based hearing screening: co-supervision

  2. Competence of public health nurses conducting neonatal and infant hearing screening in the Western Cape: co-supervision

  3. Public health nurses' perceptions of a neonatal and infant hearing screening programme: co-supervision

  4. Auditory profile of children at a TB hospital

  5. Nature of hearing loss in patients with multi-drug resistant tuberculosis receiving aminoglycosides

Selected Publications

  1. Harris, T., Bardien, S., Schaaf, S., Petersen, L., De Jong, G., & Fagan, J. (2012). Aminoglycoside-induced hearing loss in HIV-positive and HIV-negative multidrug-resistant tuberculosis patients. South African Medical Journal, 102 (6), 363-366.

  2. Rogers, C., & Petersen, L. (2011). Aminoglycoside-induced balance deficits - a review of vestibulotoxicity. South African Family Practice, 53 (5), 419-424.

  3. Ramma, L., Petersen, L., & Singh, S. (2011). Vuvuzelas at South African soccer matches: Risks for spectators' hearing. Noise and Health, 13 (50), 71-75.

  4. Bardien, S., Schaaf, S., Harris, T., Petersen, L., De Jong, G., & Fagan, J. (2009). Aminoglycoside-induced hearing loss: South Africans at risk. South African Medical Journal, 99 (6), 440-441.

  5. London, L., Baldwin-Ragaven, L., Kalebi, A., Maart, S., Petersen, L., & Kasolo, J. (2007). Developing human rights competencies for South African health professional graduates. SAMJ