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Lucretia Petersen

Lucretia PetersenSenior lecturer in Audiology

Email: Lucretia Petersen

  • Qualifications

    MSc Audiology

  • Discipline


  • Teaching area

    Adult diagnostics, Rehabilitation technology, Otoacoustic emissions

  • Teaching courses

    Diagnostic Audiology; Rehabilitation Technology

  • Research Interests

    Developing contextually relevant Audiology practices and tools, Ototoxicity, Otoacoustic emissions

  • Awards & Honours

    NRF C2 Rating (2014); NRF/Swedish Foundation for International Collaboration in Research & Higher Education (STINT) Science and Technology Collaboration (2018–2020).

  • Affiliations/Associations

    • South African Association Audiologists Management Committee
    • International Society of Audiology Regional Representative
    • ASHA International Affiliate
    • Coalition for Global Hearing Health member