Lucretia Petersen


B Speech Therapy and Audiology (US), MSc (Audiology) (UCT)


I am passionate about Audiology and its service delivery in South Africa.

Teaching Areas

Diagnostic audiology (adult, paediatric, OAEs, electrophysiology), rehabilitation technology

Research focus areas

My research interests are focussed on diagnostics and management in Audiology. I am currently involved in projects in the following areas:

  • Ototoxicity (epidemiology, screening, diagnostics, management)
  • Sensitivity and specificity of diagnostic tools
  • Otoacoustic emissions (diagnostic tool)
  • High frequency audiometry (reliability and validity)
  • Hearing aid satisfaction, benefit and QOL
  • Development, translation, validation of self-evaluation scales into indigenous languages
  • Cochlear implant program: diagnostics, development/ adaptation of assessment tools

Selected Publications

Petersen, L., Wilson, W.J., & Kathard, H. (2017). A systematic review of stimulus parameters for eliciting distortion product otoacoustic emissions from adult humans. International Journal of Audiology,

Petersen, L., & Ramma, L. (2015). Screening of childhood hearing impairment in resource constrained settings: Opportunities and possibilities, South African Medical Journal, 105 (11), 901-902. [Invited paper]

Cloete, T., Wilson, W., Petersen, L., & Kathard, H. (2015). Identifying a context-effective school hearing screening test: an emic-etic framework. International Journal of Audiology, 54, 605-612.

Ghafari, N., Rogers, C., Petersen, L., & Singh, S. (2015). The occurrence of auditory dysfunction in children with TB receiving ototoxic medication at a TB hospital in South Africa. International Journal of Pediatric Otorhinolaryngology, 79, 1101-1105.

Petersen, L. & Rogers, C. (2015). Aminoglycoside-induced hearing deficits – a review of cochlear ototoxicity. South African Family Practice, 57 (2), 77-82.

Harris, T., Bardien, S., Schaaf, S., Petersen, L., De Jong, G., & Fagan, J. (2012). Aminoglycoside-induced hearing loss in HIV-positive and HIV-negative multidrug-resistant tuberculosis patients. South African Medical Journal, 102 (6), 363-366.

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