Nikki Keeton

Job Title:

Senior Clinical Educator and the Clinical Team Co-ordinator for Audiology


MSc (Aud) (UCT)


I have over 10 years of clinical experiene as an Audiologist. I have worked for a number of years as a Clinical Educator for UCT. I am passionate about paediatrics and service provision as well as adult and adolescent aural rehabilitation and hearing aids. Click here to view my open access page on Vula.

Teaching Areas

Paediatric and adult aural rehabilitation, tinnitus retraining therapy, diagnostics, hearing aid evaluation and neonatal hearing screening.

Research focus areas

I have just completed my masters looking at clinical educators' experiences and expectations of the clinical performance of Audiology students from diverse race and language backgrounds within a South African context. I am interested in higher education and clinical teaching.


Keeton, N; Kathard, H & Singh, S. (2017). Clinical educators' experiences of facilitating learning when speaking a different language from both the student and client.

Link to the publication: