Tracey-Lee Cloete


BSc Audiology (UCT)

MSc Audiology (UCT)


I am passionate about improving the accessibility of quality audiological services in our context and hope to achieve this through the planning and implementation of contextually-responsive services and programmes. I’m specifically interested in improving the applicability of services pertaining to central auditory processing disorders (CAPD) and the application of auditory electrophysiology in our context. Ultimately, I would like to contribute to a process of health systems strengthening to ensure care that is more responsive, fair and equitable.

Teaching areas

I currently teach the OAEs and Auditory Electrophysiology and the Diagnostics in Special Populations Courses. In my teaching, I encourage students to view these areas through a public health lens, allowing us to engage with current issues in the field and foster a system-wide approach to understanding and addressing challenges.

Research focus areas

I’m interested in any research that aims to improve accessibility of audiological services in our context, viewing accessibility as a multi-dimensional concept that includes 1) availability; 2) appropriateness; and 3) affordability of a health programme or service. Currently, my research areas include:

  • Programme evaluation studies (including screening and ototoxicity monitoring programmes)
  • Establishing context-specific normative data for various tests
  • Improving the applicability of test materials and protocols (related to teaching areas)
  • Health systems research

Selected publication

Cloete, T., Wilson, W.J., Petersen, L. & Kathard, H. (2015). Identifying a context-effective school hearing screening test: an emic-etic framework. International Journal of Audiology, 54:9, 605-612, DOI:10.3109/14992027.2015.1014575