Tracey-Lee Cloete

Mrs Tracey-Lee CloeteLecturer

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  • Qualifications

    BSc Audiology (UCT)
    MSc Audiology (UCT)


  • Discipline    


  • Introduction

    I am passionate about improving the accessibility of quality audiological services in our context and hope to achieve this through the planning and implementation of contextually responsive services and programmes. I’m specifically interested in improving the applicability of services pertaining to central auditory processing disorders (CAPD) and the application of auditory electrophysiology in our context. Ultimately, I would like to contribute to a process of health systems strengthening to ensure care that is more responsive, fair and equitable.

  • Teaching area

    My teaching areas are Auditory electrophysiology, Auditory processing, Paediatric diagnostics and Patient-centred diagnostic testing. In my teaching, I encourage students to view these content areas through a public health lens, allowing us to engage with current issues in the field and foster a system-wide approach to understanding and addressing challenges. 
    Courses: AHS3075S OAEs and electrophysiology 
      AHS2111S Diagnostic audiology in special populations 


  • Teaching Courses

    OAEs & Electrophysiology; Diagnostic Audiology in special populations

  • Research

    I’m interested in any research that aims to improve accessibility of audiological services in our context, viewing accessibility as a multi-dimensional concept that includes 1) availability; 2) appropriateness; and 3) affordability of a health programme or service. Currently, my research interests include:

    Health systems research – applying systems thinking in addressing health challenges in our context

    Auditory Electrophysiology - improving service delivery and training in our context, generating context-specific normative data and test protocols

    Central auditory processing disorder (CAPD) – developing contextually appropriate screening, diagnostic and intervention practices in the field of CAPD, generating context-specific normative data

    Program planning and evaluation - specifically focusing on population-based interventions and the role audiologists can play in planning and managing such programs

    - To evaluate the implementation and outcomes of existing health programmes e.g. Hearing screening and Ototoxicity monitoring programmes in our context


  • Awards & Honours

    NRF grant recipient (2009)

  • Affiliations/Associations

    • HPCSA Audiology Board Examination Panel Member

      Member of the Equitable, Population-based Innovation for Communication (EPIC) project team

      Member of Vanguard student learning centre planning committee

      Member of IDA Institute – The Hearing Co-operation