Tracey-Lee Cloete


MSc Audiology (UCT)


Most of my clinical experience thus far has been in the public health sector where I've worked as a hospital-based Audiologist and more recently as a community-based Audiologist. I have worked in an academic environment for the past 5 years, lecturing and supervising students in specific teaching areas (see below).

Teaching Areas

Public Health Audiology, Community-based Rehabilitation, and Electrophysiology

Research Focus areas

One of my main areas of interest is community-based rehabilitation as it focuses on addressing inequalities in healthcare by improving the access and quality of health services for all. Another area of interest is public health audiology as it focuses on improving lives through the prevention and treatment of disease and disability on a population-level rather than dealing with individual-level health issues. This is also the focus area for my postgraduate research as my aim is to contribute towards the development of an appropriate school-based hearing screening protocol to prevent the disabling effects of hearing loss in the school-aged child.