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Vivienne Norman

Vivienne NormanSenior Lecturer

Email: Vivienne Norman


  • Qualifications

    BSc (Log) UCT; M Communication Pathology (University of Pretoria)

  • Discipline

    Speech-Language Therapy

  • Teaching area   

    Paediatric Dysphagia; Early Communication Intervention

  • Research Focus

    My research as well as that of my postgraduate students, focuses on paediatric dysphagia.  Projects include; feeding and swallowing difficulties in infants and children with different underlying medical conditions, such as TB meningitis, tracheostomy, HIV, congenital heart defects; the validation of a dysphagia screening tool for the South African context; support needs and QoL of caregivers of children with dysphagia. I am currently working towards a PhD on dysphagia in infants and children with congenital heart defects.

  • Affiliations/Associations

    African Paediatric Fellowship Programme; HPCSA; South African Dysphagia Research and Education Group