Vivienne Norman


BSc (Log) (UCT), M. Communication Pathology (UP)


I am passionate about providing the best intervention for infants, children and their caregivers who have speech-language therapy needs. My particular area of interest and experience is in paediatric dysphagia and early intervention. I have 14 years of clinical experience in the area, and have been involved in the academic and clinical training of students for the last 10 years.

Teaching Areas

Paediatric dysphagia; early childhood intervention; paediatric motor speech disorders.

Research focus areas

Paediatric dysphagia in various populations e.g. tracheostomies, HIV and AIDS, Early Communication Intervention in special populations e.g. tracheostomies.

I am currently involved in the following areas

  1. Profiling feeding and swallowing difficulties in the paediatric population attending tertiary hospitals in WC.

  2. Feeding and swallowing difficulties in paediatric CP population who have had VFSS

  3. Dysphagia in paediatric population recovering from TBM

  4. Health care professional factors that influence gastrostomy placement in the paediatric population

  5. Review of paediatric population receiving gastrostomies for feeding and swallowing difficulties

Selected Publications

  1. Norman, V., Louw, B and Kritzinger, A. (2007). Incidence and Description of Dysphagia in Infants and Toddlers with Tracheostomies: A retrospective review. International Journal of Pediatric Otorhinolaryngology, 71(7): 1087 - 192.