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The UCT Occupational Therapy Division is passionate about generating leaders within the profession and is proud of the research that is being done by all staff members.

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    2010 Publications

    • Adams, F. and Galvaan R. (2010). Promoting human Rights: understanding the barriers to self-help groups for women who are carers of children with disabilities. South African Journal of Occupational Therapy, vol 40 (1), p12-16.

    • Buchanan H, Jelsma J, Siegfried, N (2010). Implementing evidence-based practice in a middle-income country - findings from a randomised controlled trial, poster presentation at the 15th WFOT Congress, Santiago, Chile, 4-7 May.

    • Duncan, M. & Watson, R.(2010). Taking a stance: socially responsible ethics and informed consent. In M. Saven-Baden & C.Taylor (Eds). New approaches in qualitative research: wisdom and uncertainty. London: Routledge Francis and Taylor Group, pp 49-58

    • Eidelman, T., Gouws, V., Howe, C., Kulber, T., Kumm, J., Schoenfeld, L., & Duncan, M. (2010) Women surviving chronic poverty and psychiatric disability. South African Journal of Occupational Therapy. Vol 40(3): 4-8

    • Engelbrecht, M. & Lorenzo, T. (2010), Exploring the tensions of sustaining economic empowerment of persons with disabilities through open labour market employment in the Cape Metropole. SAJOT Vol. 40(1), March 2010.

    • Fane, T., Ramugondo, E., Leshoele M. & Coker, I. (2010). The value of beadwork for women living with HIV/AIDS. South African Journal of Occupational Therapy, 40 (2): 5 - 10

    • Landman S, Buchanan H (2010). Human rights and Workman's Compensation: The experiences of two injured workers. South African Journal of Occupational Therapy, 40(1): 2-7.

    • Watson, R., & Duncan, M. (2010) The ‘right' to occupational participation in the presence of chronic poverty. WFOT Bulletin, Volume 62: 26-32 Ramafikeng M,. Galvaan, R. and van Niekerk L. (2010). El Modelo de Capacidad Creativa. TOG(A Coruña), vol 7(12), p1-10.
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    First textbook co-authored by OT Division. The OT Division is proud of colleagues that have co-authored the first textbook that speaks to practice based and situated in our context. Concepts in Occupational Therapy: Understanding Southern Perspectives attempts to facilitate contextually relevant interpretation and application of core occupational science and occupational therapy concepts from the vantage point of academics in the Global South.

    With around 30 authors mostly from India and South Africa, the book offers diverse insights into the socioeconomic, cultural and political factors influencing occupational therapy practice in the southern region.

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