Occupational Therapy


For more information about staff members of the Occupational Therapy division, click on their names.

Contact details below, in alphabetical order:

Name Position Contact
Sophia-Lorraine Noxolo Allie Lecturer 021-4065716 sophia.allie@uct.ac.za
A/Prof Helen Buchanan Associate Professor 021-4066383 helen.buchanan@uct.ac.za
Shireen Damonse Clinical Educator 021-4066383
Adele Ebrahim Clinical Educator 021-4046404 adele.ebrahim@uct.ac.za
Hanske Flieringa Senior Clinical Educator 021-4066404 hanske.flieringa@uct.ac.za
Prof Roshan Galvaan Professor 021-4066042 roshan.galvaan@uct.ac.za
Fadia Gamieldien Senior Clinical Educator 021-4066404 fadia.gamieldien@uct.ac.za
Dr Pamela Gretschel Senior Lecturer 021-4066739 pamela.gretschel@uct.ac.za
Rabia Hassam Clinical Educator 021-4066059 rabia.hassam@uct.ac.za
Loren Lewis Clinical Educator 021-4066404 loren.lewis@uct.ac.za
Tasneem Mohomed Clinical Educator 021-4066404 tasneem.mohomed@uct.ac.za
Mapheyeledi Motimele Senior Lecturer 021-4066169 mapheyeledi.motimele@uct.ac.za
Liesl Peters Lecturer 021-6504929 liesl.peters@uct.ac.za
Dr Matumo Ramafikeng Senior Lecturer 021 4047671 mc.ramafikeng@uct.ac.za
Prof Elelwani Ramugondo Professor 021-6502104 elelwani.ramugondo@uct.ac.za
Leigh Ann Richards Clinical Educator 021-4066059 leighann.richards@uct.ac.za
Dr Amshuda Sonday Senior Lecturer 021-4066046 amshuda.sonday@uct.ac.za