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Ms Candice Hendricks

Job Title

Lecturer, Division of Physiotherapy


BSc. Physiotherapy (UWC) –graduated in 2005

MSc Physiotherapy (UWC) – graduated in 2011

PhD candidate


I started working at UCT as a lecturer in January 2012. I had previously worked at UWC as an assistant lecturer, clinical co-ordinator and clinical educator from 2009 to 2011. I was a clinician for 6 years in various clinical settings (provincial hospital level, private practice and sports clinics) from 2006 to 2011.

I have been working mostly in the field of neuro-musculoskeletal conditions, orthopaedics and sport injuries. However, I have gained clinical experience and exposure in managing patients with various conditions in all areas of physiotherapy.  

Teaching Areas

I am currently involved in teaching undergraduate students from first to third year. I am responsible for teaching the Orthopaedics component of the Movement Science Course to these students. I am involved with clinical supervision of students at the orthopaedics clinical placement at Groote Schuur Hospital. I am the 4th year Class Convener and Applied Physiotherapy Course Convener.

Research Focus Areas

My current research focus is best practice for chronic musculoskeletal conditions and chronic diseases of lifestyle at primary health care level.

I am currently busy with my PhD titled “The functional impact of a non-pharmacological and contextually relevant intervention for musculoskeletal conditions in women with associated co-morbidities at community health centres in Cape Town”

My other research interests are:

Epidemiology, management and prevention in sports injuries 

Best practice in traumatic and chronic orthopaedic conditions

Physiotherapy education



Tel: +27 21 650 1894

Email: Candice Hendricks


Selected Publications

Hendricks, C., Phillips, J. (2013). The prevalence and incidence of running injuries in runners at a local athletic club in Cape Town. (accepted to be published in South African Journal of Physiotherapy).

Joseph, C., Frantz, J., Hendricks, C., Smith, M. (2012). Evaluation of a new clinical performance assessment tool: A reliability study. South African Journal of Physiotherapy, Vol 68, No 3 pg15-19

Joseph, C., Hendricks, C., Frantz, JM. (2011).  Exploring Key Performance Areas and Assessment Criteria for the Evaluation of Students’ Clinical Performance: A Delphi study, South African Journal of Physiotherapy, Vol 67, No 2 pg1-7

Hendricks, C., Phillips J. (2011) Factors contributing to running injuries: A narrative review. Journal of Community and Health Sciences. Vol.6 No.2, pg 1-9.