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Dr Theresa Burgess

Dr Theresa Burgess

Job title

Senior Lecturer, Division of Physiotherapy


PhD (Exercise Science), University of Cape Town (2009) 

MHSc (Bioethics), University of Toronto (2012)

BSc (Med)(Hons) (Exercise Science), University of Cape Town (1998)

BSc (Physiotherapy), University of Cape Town (1996)


Theresa worked as a clinical physiotherapist in neuromusculoskeletal and sports physiotherapy, in a wide range of clinical settings in South Africa and the UK, before joining UCT in 2004.  She teaches neuromusculoskeletal and sports physiotherapy to undergraduate and postgraduate students, and is the programme convenor of the MPhil in Exercise and Sports Physiotherapy.  Since joining UCT, she has served as Department Research Chair (2009-2015) and Deputy Head of the Department of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences (2013-2015).  She also serves as the Deputy Chair of the Faculty of Health Sciences Human Research Ethics Committee.  

Teaching areas

  • Neuromusculoskeletal physiotherapy and sports physiotherapy
  • Research ethics

Research areas

  • Exercise-induced muscle damage and recovery, particularly in relation to endurance running
  • Clinical sports physiotherapy
  • Clinical and research ethics


Tel: +27 21 406 6171
Email: Theresa Burgess



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