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Occupational Therapy

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Assoc. Prof. Elelwani Ramugondo

A/Prof Elelwani RamugondoPosition

Senior Lecturer, Division of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences, Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Cape Town


BSc (OccTher) MSc (OccTher) PhD Cape Town

Dr Elelwani Ramugondo is the current Head of Division of Occupational Therapy at the University of Cape Town. She completed a PhD which introduced an intergenerational perspective in the study of children’s play in 2009. Her thesis revealed how due to rapid social change, the rhetoric of play within family in an African context can change from being about collective identity, to being more flexible, idiosyncratic, and hence more complex. Elelwani Ramugondo’s doctoral thesis introduced new terminology which seeks to help surface the political dimension of what people do every day.

Dr Elelwani Ramugondo described occupational consciousness as referring to an ongoing awareness of the dynamics of hegemony, an appreciation of the role of personal and collective occupations of daily life in perpetuating hegemonic practices, and an appraisal of resultant consequences for individual and collective well-being. Dr Ramugondo ‘s research interests are centered on Epistemologies & Relevance in Occupational Therapy Practice & Education with the following key areas of interest:

Dr Elelwani Ramugondo teaches across undergraduate and postgraduate programs on Play, Spirituality, Human Occupation, and Qualitative Research Methodology. Her approach to teaching on Play and Spirituality situates these concepts in context while exploring each of these as a resource for promoting health and well-being. Elelwani’s interest in Play and Spirituality was sharpened during her work with HIV positive mothers and their children. She maintains her work in HIV through participation as a board member for The Kidzpositive Family Fund – a non-profit organization whose main goal is to raise funds to support health and welfare structures that help combat the impact of HIV infection on families.

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