A/Prof Shajila Singh, HPCSA Presidential Merit Award

12 Dec 2019 - 14:30

She is currently an associate professor and has worked as head of the Department of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences and Head: Communication Sciences and Disorders. She has served the healthcare industry, at industry-specific, local and international level. Her joint publications and single publications highlight key and current issues. Professor Singh has earned this award by being nominated by her fellow colleagues who have certainly noticed and acknowledged her accomplishments.

As the Head of Division – she has strengthened the Education and Training of Speech Language Professions and Audiology graduates by developing a constructively aligned curriculum based on constructivism to produce high caliber graduates. Engaged with many recruitment initiatives to diversify the student population of the programme – which led to significant changes in the demographic profile – initially of undergraduates and later post graduate students. Whilst chairing the Board she consulted extensively and with consensus from all stakeholders to revise the scope of professions of Speech Language Professions and (ii) Audiology, she has also worked with all training institutions to ensure that institutions align their demographic profile of the students to that of the country. She has been instrumental in the revision of certain curriculums; she has compiled guidelines for evaluation and accreditation of training institutions. Prof Singh participated in the compilation of the HPCSA’S various Ethical Booklets. As a chair of the CPD committee Prof Singh championed the various activities within the committee and compiled the Maintenance of Licence (MoL) Reference document for the HPCSA to support the development and piloting of MoL.